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Both the Porsche drive and serpentine belt systems have been used on this German brand of cars over the years. The type of belting system you have on your Porsche is determined by the model and the year it was manufactured. The only real difference between the drive belt and serpentine belt systems is the number of belts used to provide centrifugal power to the many accessories on the Porsche engine. The drive belt system makes use of two or more belts. The serpentine belt system only has one belt that is used to power all of the components. Since both the drive and serpentine belts systems consist of polymer belts, the inspection and maintenance of them is identical. This will include a visual inspection of the belt surfaces and the grooves underneath. The inspector should be on the lookout for cracks and splits in the belts that could cause it to break apart when a load is being placed on them when then Porsche is in motion. The will prevent one of them from breaking while the vehicle is on the road stranding the occupant of the vehicle where it occurs. The replacing of the Porsche drive and serpentine belts is the same. The tension being applied to the belt so friction is created has to be removed. Once that is completed, the new drive or serpentine belt can be put into place and the tension on the belting system restored and the vehicle is ready for the road again. The only word of caution is that the tension level has to be sufficient to drive enough friction so the belts can turn the accessories without damaging the bearings that they have on the shaft where the pulleys are located.