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There is either a Saab Drive Belt system or a Serpentine Belt on your vehicle so centrifugal power can be supplied to the auxiliary components on the front end of the engine.

Both the Saab serpentine belt and the drive belt system perform the same identical task of providing the centrifugal movement to the accessories. The only difference between the two types of systems is the number of belts used in them. The serpentine belt system only has a single belt that is connected to all of the components on the engine. The drive belt system has multiple belts in which most accessories have their own belt for the supplying of power it requires to operate on your Saab.

The inspection of the serpentine and drive belts components is identical on your engine. They are both made of a reinforced polymer that in time will show signs of wear. This wear is manifests itself in the form of cracks, fraying and the splitting of the polymer so the level of friction it is suppose to maintain against the pulleys of the accessories on your Saab can no longer be maintained.

The engine and the rest of the vehicle will not be able to operate as it was designed too unless the centrifugal belt system on your Saab is in proper working condition. This is one of the leading reasons for the inspection of the components under the hood periodically should be conducted by the owner.

If the drive or serpentine belt system fails to maintain its operational status by breaking, power to the alternator, water pump, A/C compressor and or the power steering system will no longer be possible. This can cause the vehicle to be stranded where it occurs.