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With the Suzuki Drive and Serpentine Belts polymer components working correctly, the necessary accessories on your engine will be supplied with rotational power. To determine which your vehicle has, the owner of the Suzuki only has to look under the hood.

The only difference between the drive and serpentine belts is the number of belts used to supply this centrifugal motion. The drive belt system has multiple belts while the serpentine only has one.

What the Suzuki drive and serpentine belts have in common is how they are made and the material used in them. Both have reinforced polymer components in their makeup. This reinforcement is fibers in the drive and serpentine belts themselves that provide structural support for the belts in helping them to maintain their shape and strength.

When the Suzuki owner is inspecting these components, they should be looking for looking for loose fibers emanating from the drive and serpentine belts along with cracks in the flat sections of it. If any of these are noticed, the belts have a degree of wear on them. When one or more of these conditions are noticed, replacement of the drive or serpentine belts is warranted on your Suzuki.

The danger of not conducting a periodical inspection of the drive and serpentine belts is that one or more of them could fail. If this failure occurs when the vehicle is on the road, there could no longer be any power to the alternator or water pump. This will prevent the engine from have the ability to continue running, stranding the occupants of the vehicle shortly after it occurs. This is why this inspection should be accomplished either weekly or monthly on every vehicle.