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The Volvo drive and serpentine belts use the power provided by the movement of the engine to drive the many accessories mounted to the front of the engine. The drive and serpentine belts on all Volvos are constructed of a long lasting reinforced polymer. The shape of the two types of belts is the same, flat on one side and grooved on the other. The only differences are the width, length and number of grooves. The owner of a Volvo can determine just what type of belting system they have on their engine by just looking at it. This difference between drive belts and serpentine belts is the number of belts used to propel the accessories. If there is only one belt, it is a serpentine belt. If there are two or more belts, it is a drive belt system. The wear exerted on both the belt drive systems is the exact same. This is when the reinforcement that is on the inside of the belts begins to break down. The ending result is that cracks and fraying of the polymer begins to be seen when the Volvo is being inspected. If any of these conditions is noticed on either the drive or serpentine belts, they should be replaced before they have a chance to break when the vehicle is in motion. This way the stranding of the passengers on the road between destinations can be avoided. The importance of properly functioning Volvo drive and serpentine belts can never be understated. These are the power transfer components that make it possible for the engine to operate over long distances. If they break for any reason, the vehicle cannot be drive for more than a couple of miles at best.