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The Engine Control Module (ECU) controls the overall operation and performance of your vehicle's engine and is sometimes even referred to as the brain of your vehicle. This makes a lot sense because your brain controls all the functions of your body and the ECU controls all of the functions of your engine. If you notice that your vehicle is not performing properly or running rougher than normal, it's a sign that your vehicle's ECU could be defective. You may also notice a huge increase in fuel consumption due to your engine not running efficiently. This device is a vital component because it monitors and controls acceleration, idle, and all phases of engine operation. Sometimes it may cause your motor to surge up and down - the list of possible symptoms goes on and on to the point that your vehicle may not start at all. If this required repair goes uncorrected, it could possibly cause damage to your engine or other vehicle components. The Engine Control Module controls a multitude of engine components, which is why it is so important to replace this unit as soon as it's found to be faulty.

The Engine Control Module is also referred to as the vehicle's computer, because that is exactly what it is - an on-board computer that monitors and controls engine operation optimizing performance. Vehicles have not always had ECU's, everything was operated by manual components verses electronic components, which presented some limitations. The implementation of ECU has been a great success improving engine operation and also an increase in overall horse power. Years ago, the average V8 engine only produced approximately 100 horse power. With modern technology, most V8 engines today generate more than 300 horsepower.

If the Engine Control Module on your vehicle requires replacement, it is normally an easy project for you to complete yourself. The hardest part of this whole procedure is to figure out where it is located, because there is no standard location. Because it's electrical and not a manual part, the location doesn't matter so the key thing manufactures think about is somewhere clean and dry. Once you locate the module, you need to remove any components or obstructions to allow easy access to the device. In most vehicles the replacement process is very easy it usually involves removing approximately four mounting screws or bolts. When you disconnect the wiring harness, you need to be gentle with the retaining clips because they can be easily damaged. Then you install the replacement ECU and make sure everything is secured properly. After that, reinstall any components that required removal to allow access to the Engine Control Module, and make sure all protective covers and shields are in place .

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