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The Ford Engine Control Module is the official name of the onboard computer that all modern vehicles are now equipped with. Many people also refer to this engine component as the ECU. The engine control module is the central nervous system of your vehicle. All of the sensors and electronic components are wired into it so the ECU can control them. Because the engine control module is an electrical component on your Ford, it will at some time malfunction.

When the engine control module begins to fail the owner of the Ford will notice the performance of their vehicle will be in decline. The vehicle will hesitate upon acceleration and not run as smoothly as before. There will also be a decline in the fuel mileage from before when the engine was operating properly.

Because the Ford engine control module is electronic in nature, its placement on the vehicle is different on each model being produced. Replacing the engine control module is as simple as unplugging it and then reattaching the wires. For most Ford owners the hardest part of this repair procedure is actually locating it. Just like the relays, it could literally be anywhere on the vehicle.

If as the owner of the vehicle you are having difficulty in locating the ECU, then a service manual for your model vehicle can be consulted. These manuals are available at most auto parts stores.

One thing that should be considered when it comes time to replacing your engine control module is that this is the heart and soul of your vehicle. Its replacement should be with a top quality part so you will have many years of high quality service from it.