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When is it time to replace your motor mounts?

Engines produce a large amount of vibration, so rubber or hydraulic mounts are installed to absorb some of the vibration and prevent it from transmitting to the passenger cabin. If your motor mounts wear out you will know it by increased vibration through the steering wheel as well as a shudder through the frame of the car. Most cars have between two and four motor mounts but may have other mounts and brackets. Over time these rubber parts dry up and crumble which means that they will need to be replaced. The mounts do more than just stop unpleasant vibrations from coming through, they also prevent the twisting of the drivetrain components during startup or while cornering. If your mounts wear out it is important to replace them quickly to avoid damage to the engine and related driveline parts like the axles and transmission.

What and where are my engine mounts?

New Motor MountsMotor mounts are one of the oldest and simplest parts on a car. Since the basic design of the internal combustion engine has not changed, not much has changed in the design of the mounts. The engine of course needs to be attached to the car. This helps keep the engine and transmission together and prevents excessive vibration from shaking too much and damaging the engine. It also prevents all the engine vibration from shaking the rest of the car making for a quieter and more comfortable ride. The basic mounts are mostly thick rubber with a hole though the center. A pin or bolt goes through the center and then the mount is held down with brackets. You will really notice a difference with new mounts. Once they are installed, there will be less engine movement and shaking when the car accelerates or sits at idle.

If you have a couple hours, do it yourself.

Here are some basic instructions for an understanding of what has to happen to replace the motor mounts on your car. It is usually best to allow a skilled mechanic to replace these parts.
  • Disconnect the battery cable.
  • Jack or lift the front or the car.
  • Add a support to hold the engine up while you remove the mounts.
  • Unscrew the fasteners and the bracket around the mount. Be sure to clear all bolts and washers and brackets around the motor mount.
  • Place the new mounts in and tighten by hand.
  • Properly align the engine, brackets, and mount and hand tighten all bolts and washers.
  • If everything is lined up properly, use the wrench to tighten everything. Remove jack from engine and reconnect the battery cable.

Get your motor running, head out on the highway.

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