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The ability of the Chevrolet Engine Piston to receive the power of an explosion and turn it into mechanical motion is how the engine in your vehicle can propel you done the road. Most of the engine pistons will last for the entire lifespan of your vehicle, but there are conditions that can damage them on your Chevrolet.

One of the ways a Chevrolet engine piston can be damaged is when a spark plug is in a temperature range that is too hot is installed. Some Chevrolet owners think a hotter plug will help their engine to produce a greater level of horsepower. The problem is that the engine piston was not built to withstand this increased in temperature the plug is producing. The ending result is that a hole will be torn into the top of the engine piston by the heat of the plug rendering it useless. The only remedy for this situation is the rebuilding of the engine.

As long as the oil is changed on a regular basis, the engine piston should last the life of your Chevrolet. The coolant should also be changed as an annual periodical maintenance procedure. Both of these maintenance procedures help to keep the engine and all of its components in proper working order.

Just like any component on a vehicle or piece of machinery, if the parts that are not in the specification of the engine are used, detrimental effects to the longevity of the engine will occur. This is why the recommendation set by the manufactures should always be followed if you want your vehicle to last for years. If you do not, then components will be asked to perform tasks they were not designed to carry out and will cause them to fail.