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With a Ford Piston for each cylinder in your engine, the power you expect to have will be available. It is the surface area of each engine piston that the force from the combustion of the air and fuel mixture is exerted against so the energy being released can be harnessed for use by the driver of the vehicle.

Because of the force exerted on the piston, it has to remain intact for the life of the engine. Things that can shorten the life of a piston in your Ford engine are limited. The most common way to damage this engine component is to have your vehicle overheat because of a problem with the cooling system. The top of the piston can also have a hole generated in it if the spark plug used to ignite the air and fuel mixture is too hot for the engine to handle. It is a common misconception that if you use a hotter than recommended spark plug in your engine, you will get better performance. This is somewhat true but the consequences are the burning of a hole in the top of a piston. Your Ford engine will then have to be completely rebuilt if this occurs.

It is also possible to damage the piston in the engine if the air filer and cleaner is removed. This will provide access for particulates to enter the combustion chamber that could damage the top of the piston and prevent your Ford engine from operating

Most owners never even think about their Ford engine pistons until there is a problem with one. Without this vital engine component intact and operating as it was designed too, your vehicles will not be able to propel you down the road as you expect it too.