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The exhaust system on your vehicle is designed to remove the air and gases that are left over after combustion takes place from the engine. The cylinder must be clear before fresh air and gas comes in for the next spark. After the gases leave the engine, a series of pipes lead it the sides or rear of the car. It usually exits out the very back of the car through the exhaust tips. The exhaust intermediate connecting pipe is one part that connects this system. It usually sits somewhere at the mid section of the car. This pipe may become rusty and develop holes or may be damaged from bumps and rocks. This can cause exhaust fumes to leak out and may interfere with the muffler causing a rumbling sounds from the car. If that happens, your vehicle may not pass inspection or may not run as efficiently. Replace the exhaust intermediate connecting pipe as soon as you know there is a problem.

The exhaust intermediate connecting pipe is made of metal and hangs underneath the car. If you are changing it you may want to change other part or your exhaust system as well. Be sure to properly lift the car. Unbolt the parts of the exhaust system, they are clamped together. Replace the hangers and the clamps with new parts and refit them together. Replace the gaskets as well if needed. Replace the pipes and tighten the clamps once they are in the right place. Start the engine and make sure that you do not have any leaks.

Car Parts Discount has great customer service and low prices on all the parts that we sell including parts for your exhaust system. If you need an exhaust intermediate connecting pipe, we carry a great selection for a variety of cars and trucks and all come with a twelve month warranty. Look for other exhaust parts like the manifold gaskets, the hangers and the clamps.