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Why do you need to inspect and replace your exhaust flange gaskets?

A leaking exhaust pipe flange gasket can be the culprit for that unusual sound you hear coming from your vehicle. A bad doughnut gasket, as it also commonly referred too, can cause a sound ranging anywhere from a low squeak to a very load roar. The gasket is meant to prevent exhaust leaks at the connecting point between the exhaust manifold and the exhaust pipe of an automobile. Even though it is made up of special materials that are meant to withstand the high temperatures created by your exhaust system, the gasket will eventually leak and there is really no way to prevent it. Not only will a cracked exhaust pipe flange gasket cause that irritating sound you hear but it will also rob power from your engine and prevent you from passing a smog inspection. The worst case scenario is that a leak caused by the bad gasket in the exhaust system, will cause heat to build up in the system, and this can lead to serious expensive damage to the exhaust valves. In some states you can get pulled over and ticketed for the sound caused by a failing gasket.

Exhaust flange gaskets: what, where, why?

New Exhaust Flange GasketsDue to the hot temperatures that come with the exhaust system, the exhaust flange gaskets are usually woven from fire resistant materials like asbestos. Normally the gaskets have a bevel on both sides of it which aide the gasket in forming an airtight seal. The early versions of this gasket would expand when heated and then shrink when cooled, which would require you to re-adjust the flange bolts once or twice after you installed a new gasket. The materials used in today's exhaust pipe gaskets eliminate any need to have to re-adjust the bolts on the flange once it is installed. These gaskets are available in different sizes so it is important to get the correct one for your vehicle.

Replacement is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

The exhaust pipe flange gasket is usually held in place by two or three bolts. In order to change out the bad gasket, these bolts must be removed. These bolts will normally be rusted due to the fact that they are regularly heated and cooled, if this is the case with your bolts, the use of a penetrating spray may be necessary to remove the bolts. Once you have removed the bolts you should be able to disconnect the exhaust pipe from the exhaust manifold, If you cannot, removing the pipe from one or two exhaust hangers may help give the pipe enough flexibility to do so. Once you have enough room between the manifold and the pipe, you should be able to just remove the failing gasket. Before your install your new exhaust pipe flange gasket, make sure the two connecting surfaces are clean and smooth.

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