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If you or your passengers notice an exhaust smell inside your car or SUV this issue could be due to a defective exhaust tail pipe. You need to expedite an exhaust system inspection immediately to point pin the cause of this situation. If you discovery that the tail pipe is rusted out or damaged allowing exhaust gases to leak out of it this requires immediate attention. This condition allows exhaust gases containing dangerous carbon dioxide fumes to enter the interior of the automobile. This condition establishes a very unsafe environment for yourself and your family members and must be corrected as soon as possible. If this situation in allowed to progress the amount of fumes will increase because the tail pipe will continue to deteriorate.

Exhaust tail pipes carry the exhaust gases from the muffler assembly to be expelled at a safe point beyond the body enclosure of the vehicle. They incorporate a custom design for each application and are bent specifically to facilitate the car, truck or SUV they are installed on. In most circumstances they are required to go up and over the rear axle. Exhaust pipes have improved immensely over the years increasing their durability. They are constructed of materials that are much more rust resistant then they were years ago. Stainless steel pipes are commonly used by a lot of manufactures that extends the life span.

The difficulty level of replacing a tail pipe depends on condition of the clamps and exhaust pipe hangers involved in the process. You will be required to raise the vehicle and place it on jack stands to facilitate ground clearance. You should apply a generous amount of penetrating oil to the hardware associated with the procedure. New clamps should be used to securely install the new component.

During the purchasing process you must select a tail pipe that will fit and function appropriately. OEM and aftermarket products are available for this application and the quality of the device is essential to accomplish a successful repair. Car Parts Discount offers a wide variety of quality exhaust components and this would be an ideal opportunity to add a custom exhaust tip to dress up the appearance of your automobile.