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Exhaust Temperature Sensor

Aftermarket & OEM Exhaust Temperature Sensor

If you are experiencing engine performance issues with your car, truck or SUV this condition could be due to a defective exhaust temperature sensor. The Engine Control Unit receives an input from this device to adjust the fuel and air mixture. If this device is malfunctioning the motor can run to lean or to rich which results in negative performance. In most situations the engine fault indicator will illuminate to bring this defect to your attention. You may also notice your exhaust is operating at a higher temperature that is not be compensated for by the ECU. Early detection and the accomplishment of the required repairs are essential to prevent damage to the engine, catalytic converter, and other associated components.

An exhaust temperature sensor is basically a thermocouple that controls the amount of voltage within the circuit. This device accomplishes this task by changing the resistance level of the circuit that affects the voltage level proportionally. An input voltage is supplied to the sensor from the ECU that is normally about 5 volts. This component is located between the exhaust manifold and the catalytic converter on most automobiles. As the temperature increases the resistance increases reducing the voltage at the output and sends this reading back to the ECU. The ECU adjust the fuel and air mixture accordingly.