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If you've been in a minor front end collision, then it's likely you will have a little bit of fender damage. Structurally speaking, it's not likely your vehicle's chassis integrity will be compromised with just a small dent in a body panel. Since front fenders tend to be relatively large, they aren't always replaced or repaired right away. But this can cause rust to form around the area where your paint was chipped off, and that rust will eventually eat away at the sheet metal. Additionally, a severely dented fender could indicate damage in other areas of the car. Your strut or control arm on the same side of the vehicle as the collision may be misaligned, causing some steering and suspension problems. Side markers and headlights will sometimes get damaged in small accidents, forcing you to replace them as well. So don't wait too long to take care of it.

In the UK, it's called a wing. In Germany, it's called a kotflugel (mug wing). In the US, it's called a fender. No matter where you are, these words refer to the forward most side body panel that covers the front wheels. On the first automobiles, the front wings were simple planks of wood shaped like the letter C, covering the front wheels so as not to kick up any mud or debris from the road. The rear of the car also had similar panels that served the same purpose. By the 1930's, US drivers were using the word "fender" to refer to the front wing almost exclusively. By the 1960's, the rear fenders were now called quarter panels. Fun fact: the term "fender bender" refers to a minor car accident and was first used in 1962.

Since every vehicle differs slightly from one to the next, there is no one-way to install or replace a fender. But you can count on a few constants. Most vehicles today utilize a unibody construction, so your fenders are going to be bolted to other body panels like your cowl panel, A-pillar post, radiator core support, and inner fender liner. So, suffice it to say, if you need to swap out a dented or damaged fender for a new one, you will have to uninstall and remove a lot of other body pieces and potentially some electronics, brake, and suspension parts just to get the job done right. Be prepared.

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