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Is driving with broken fog lights safe?

One of the most important parts of driving a car is being able to see where you are going. That's where the fog lights and lenses come in. They are usually used in conjunction with your low beams since high beams often reduce visibility in heavy fog. They are usually mounted low and aimed toward the road the help in low visibility situations at low speed. In most driving situations they are not used. They should only be used in heavy fog, snow, or rain particularly at night. They provide minimal help on clear nights and should be left off. Some cars, particularly those from Europe and Asia, may also have one of these lights in the rear bumper. This helps make the car more visible to other drivers approaching from behind during inclement weather. If you live in an area that experiences these weather conditions, you will want to make sure that your fog lights and lenses are always in top condition. Diagnosing a bad one is generally easy, it just won't light up. It may be that bulb went off, the lens has cracked or the entire assembly has fallen off the car.

Where did fog lights come from?

New Fog LightsLike headlights and taillights, the fog lights tend to come in a plastic or metal housing. The lens could be either plastic or glass, and are usually clear or yellow. These are designed to make driving safer, but were uncommon until the 1970s on passenger production cars. Even then, they were typically bolted underneath the bumper or in the grille of the car as more of an add-on of after-thought. In more recent times, fog lights have been fully integrated into the design of the car. They are not required by law in the US, but most vehicles are including them as standard equipment.

D.I.Y. in 4 steps.

Installing your new fog lights should be pretty easy. Make sure that they are firmly attached and positioned correctly otherwise their on-road performance may be compromised. Below are some general instructions for installing the new light or lens.
  • First, you may need to remove any sort of baffle or air dam that may be sitting underneath your front bumper or engine compartment. Only then can you gain access to these lights.
  • Once you have access, remove the bulb that is currently there, unplug the wire harness connector, and unbolt or unscrew the existing fog light housing.
  • Then, attach your new light the same way that your old one was installed. Make sure it is properly positioned and aligned. It is best to use a new bulb at this time, as they are not that expensive and you don't want to have to go through all this again.
  • Finally, start the car and test the new fog light.

Come toward the light.

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