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Aftermarket & OEM Freeze Expansion Plug

Safety devices come in several shapes and sizes, and freeze plugs are a prime example of this. Coolant level is essential to insure that your engine operation temperature is properly maintained and a faulty plug for the engine block is a common place leaks develop. If antifreeze is seeping from the plug you will normally smell it when the motor is hot and this is a good indicator this situation is present. By performing a complete visual inspection you can normally identify this issue and early detection is vital to protecting your engine and coolant system from extreme damage or failure. Look for discoloration on the block caused by the antifreeze below and around the freeze plugs. When this is not repaired correctly the plug could come out during engine operation releasing all the coolant from the coolant system. If you are in an extremely cold climate and your engine block becomes frozen causing one or more of the expansion plugs to pop out it was just doing its job to protect the engine block from cracking. All preventive maintenance and repairs that are associated with the coolant system of your automobile must be a top priority.

Most safety components don't create a weak spot but a freeze plug is an exception to this rule. When liquid freezes it expands and this expansion causes pressure and can crack an engine block which basically destroys your motor. Freeze plugs are pressed into ports on the engine block and designed to fail and pop out saving the block assembly from damage caused by freezing. They provide a weak point and as the liquid expands they allow a release point prior to severe damage to the block. Expansion plugs serve as a very important safety device that can deter engine replacement.

The hardest part to replacing freeze plugs is obtain clear access to properly remove and replace them because they are not always located in the most convenient places. If the plug has actually fallen out than half the battle has been completed for you. If it is still intact the difficulty level increases because you need to remove this device. In most circumstances you can remove them with your basic hammer and punch. If you put the punch on the lip of the plug and tap it with a hammer the other side should pop out and it can be removed with a pair of vise grips. Before installing the new part all the residue must be removed from the port. Then the new expansion plug can be carefully and evenly installed by tapping it in with hammer and punch. Then you service the coolant to the proper cold level.

When buying a freeze plug it is a top priority to purchase a high quality product that is specific to the application you require. Quality components are a security blanket and you know they won't let you down. If you want the brands that you can trust at the best prices available you need to check out Car Parts Discount. CPD carries all of the well-known brand names that earn the best track records for dependability. When purchasing expansion plugs and other components for repairs and preventive maintenance you are making an investment in your automobile and you expect this investment to provide dependable transportation for you and your family.