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Aftermarket & OEM Fresh Air Hose Duct

If you experience a decrease in the performance of your car, truck, or SUV you could have a defective fresh air hose. An essential component to achieve proper engine performance is the appropriate fuel and air mixture. On newer vehicles equipped with modern emission systems they may not start at all if the air duct is worn or damaged. These systems incorporate sensors that monitor air flow and back pressure and prevent the process of fuel flow or ignition if it is not within predetermined limits. If the air full is interrupted then the vehicle's ECU may over compensate by adding more fuel decreasing the gas mileage and hindering performance. Any defects associated with the emissions of an automobile need to be corrected immediately.

Fresh air hoses are designed to supply the appropriate amount of air to facilitate engine operation. In most circumstances they are a rubber hose or plastic duct that directs airflow from the air box to the emissions control unit. They control the amount of air that enters the air intake of the engine and establish the required back pressure required as well. Older vehicles had open air inlets that didn't incorporate any emission control system and created a much higher amount of pollution. Fresh air hoses and ducts are designed to facilitate engine performance and the emission system.

Replacing fresh air ducts is a relatively simplex procedure which primarily depends on the vehicle and their location. You may be required to remove several obstacles or components to provide the appropriate access to remove the component. In some situations they may be mounted utilizing a series of mounting brackets that will have to be disconnected. Other designs may incorporate a flexible hose that is secured with large hose clamps.

Most fresh air hoses are OEM, but you may have some aftermarket options that will increase the engine performance on some vehicles. The main thing to keep in mind is regardless of the option you choose you will require quality parts. Car Parts Discount has all of the OEM and aftermarket options that are recommended specifically for your car, truck, or SUV with reasonable prices you will appreciate.