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WIX 33502 Fuel Filter

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WIX Fuel (Complete In-Line) Filter

Product Features

  • Class.
  • Style.
  • Media Type.
  • Inner Diameter Top
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Universal Filter Italiana (U.F.I.) 3152600
Universal Filter Italiana (U.F.I.) 3152700
Universal Filter Italiana (U.F.I.) 3154600
Universal Filter Italiana (U.F.I.) 3155400
Universal Filter Italiana (U.F.I.) 3155800
Universal Filter Italiana (U.F.I.) 3160500
Universal Filter Italiana (U.F.I.) 3160800
Universal Filter Italiana (U.F.I.) 3160900
Universal Filter Italiana (U.F.I.) 3164800
Universal Filter Italiana (U.F.I.) 3166700
Universal Filter Italiana (U.F.I.) 3166800
Universal Filter Italiana (U.F.I.) 3166900
Universal Filter Italiana (U.F.I.) 3199900
Unocal 76 UF660
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Vera 1201754
Vera 1202488
Vera 1202652
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Warner G513
Warner G6317
Warner G6359
Warner G6368
Warner G6369
Warner G6399
Warner G6535
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