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Dodge Sport Utility Fuel Filter
The importance of changing a Dodge fuel filter on the newer models can mean the difference between having properly operating injectors and clogged ones. The frequency of changing the fuel filter on your Dodge should happen each time your car or truck has a tune-up. The reason there is a fuel filter on every car on today's roads is because the gasoline from the service stations are known to have some particulates in it when you fill up your vehicle. These particulates have to be filtered out so the engine can perform at its maximum power level and the best possible fuel mileage. The dirtier the fuel is the more often your Dodge fuel filter will have to be replaced. If this component becomes clogged with particulates, no fuel will flow to the engine and your car will not be able to run. On Dodge cars and trucks, the placement of the fuel filter varies from model to model. To locate your filter, the tracing of the fuel lines from the engine to the tank will reveal just where yours is located. When replacing this part, make sure there is no pressure in the fuel lines. This can only be done by allowing the car to cool down after it has been running and the key being turned off and removed. If there is pressure in the system when the fuel filter is removed, the person performing the replacement will get sprayed with gasoline. This is the auto part not only on Dodge models but most other makes of car that is most often forgotten about until it becomes clogged. Make sure this component is on the routine maintenance schedule of your vehicle so disruption in your car's use will not be interrupted with poor fuel delivery to the engine.