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There has always been a Ford fuel filter on all models made by this car manufacturer. This is a necessary component of your Ford since the supply of the fuel is not only inconsistent but never totally without suspended particulates floating in it. Because of this fact, the replacement of the fuel filter is required at regular intervals. Many of the better repair shops recommend the Ford fuel filter should be replaced during that vehicles tune-up. This allows for the engine's performance to be maximized in both the spark being supplied to the combustion chambers along with the fuel. The exact location of the fuel filter on your Ford vehicle will vary depending on the specific model you own. One thing is consistent. It is after the fuel pump and before the intake in the fuel injection system on the modern models. In the past, the fuel filter was a very small paper element that was located at the fuel intake port on the carburetor. If you suspect you have a partially clogged fuel filter because of sputtering or just the lack of performance from your engine, there is a simple procedure the owner can do to check it. This is accomplished by observing the flow of fuel to the filter then measuring the flow after the filter. This can be done by measuring the amount of fuel collected as compared to time. If there is a significant difference, then the replacement of the fuel filter on your Ford vehicle is warranted. Remember the fuel is gasoline and very explosive, so take the proper precautions when handling it and components that contain it. The fuel line is also pressurized so allow for the pressure to drop before breaking this system or a spray of fuel could cover the technician who is performing this procedure.