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The ability of the Toyota fuel filter to trap and contain even the smallest particulates in your fuel supply is what will help to keep your fuel injectors cleaner longer. The importance of clean fuel being delivered to the engine today is greater than in the past when the engines used carburetors or throttle body injectors. With the fuel injectors being in each of the cylinders of the engine, the fuel filter will remove the tiny particulates that will clog them and prevent them from producing an atomized spray of fuel into the cylinder. Every Toyota has a fuel filter located in its fuel system. Because of all the different models of Toyota that are being made today and in the past, the positioning of the fuel filter is dependent on the model and year you own. One consistency about their placement is that they are between the fuel tank and the fuel injectors. The Toyota fuel filter is designed to be placed in the fuel line in only one direction. Before installing a new one, look at the canister and locate the arrow on it. This will indicate the direction the fuel will flow. Before pulling the old one out, make sure the fuel system is relieved of pressure. This is done by waiting for at least 10 minutes after the engine is turned off and the key removed. If this is not done then when the fitting is loosened, a spray of fuel will come from it. If there is any hot object nearby, it could ignite the fuel. These days, the fuel filter is usually being changed once a year. If you are not sure, ask your technician to make sure it is part of their procedure in tuning up your Toyota.