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How long do fuel injectors last?

Getting lower than average gas mileage? Having problems with stuttering, stalling, or accelerating? Are you noticing the smell of gas while you're driving, but not seeing a noticeable leak while the car is parked? Obviously, these issues all point to a possible fuel leak and you should get your fuel lines checked right away. But if a fuel leak is not your problem, it's likely that a fuel injector could be failing. Over time, this will eventually happen. No parts are going to last forever, and fuel injectors are no exception. But that doesn't mean you want to simply ignore the problem. This can affect your fuel pressure, and will cause other parts such as your fuel pump, ignition control module, and/or variable valve timing solenoid to compensate. Clearly, a faulty fuel injector should not go unattended to; so make sure to replace it if necessary.

How fuel injectors have revolutionized the automobile.

New Fuel InjectorsMechanical fuel injection has been around since the turn of the 20th century, and was first used in aviation applications. After World War II, engineers and automakers saw opportunities to adapt this technology and put fuel injection systems into cars. Rather than attaching a carburetor to the top of an intake manifold where the air and fuel mixes, fuel injection systems predetermine the amount of fuel appropriate for each cylinder, pressurize the air/fuel mix in advance, and deliver it through fuel injectors. Automakers were experimenting with fuel injection systems as early as the 1930's, and by the 1950's were introducing it as a factory option. Using fuel injectors was found to be much more efficient that simply dumping the air/fuel into the cylinder head through an open port. By the 1970's, the fuel crisis had made gasoline a scarce resource. Couple that with advancements in micro-processing and electronic technologies, engineers had redesigned fuel systems to be more efficient and powerful. Fuel injectors were now made to delivery fine mists of air/fuel through micro-filtration and pressurization components built into the injector. This minimized waste, lowered particulate emissions, and boosted output. Environmental emissions laws soon made carbureted engines a thing of the past, and since fuel injectors metered the flow of air/fuel so precisely they became the new darling in automotive fuel-delivery technology.

Fixing your fuel system, one part at a time.

Replacing your fuel injectors is essentially a drop-in, plug-and-play procedure, but it requires preparation and patience. Additionally, it is common to replace all of them at once so give yourself time to do so.
  • First, disconnect the battery. You will also want to make sure you have access to the fuel rail (the assembly that houses the fuel delivery lines, fuel injectors, and each wire harness). If each injector is attached independently, then consider yourself lucky - your job just got easier.
  • Now unplug each injector, and remove the rail. After this, remove the injector from the rail and remove your old fuel injector seal from the cylinder head.
  • Next, install a new fuel injector seal and lubricate it with a very small amount of motor oil.
  • Then, remove the cap on your new fuel injector and drop it in. Fasten it to the rail using manufacturer's specifications, and reconnect the fuel lines and wire harness connector.
  • Finally, re-install and reconnect all the other components you may have removed in order to access the fuel injectors. You are now ready to restart your car.

You've tried the rest, now try the best.

Your engine simply won't run without a properly functioning fuel delivery system. And since today's engines are all computer-controlled, one failed component will ruin everything. Getting a new fuel injector or set of injectors can be easy at Car Parts Discount. We offer top of the line fuel injectors from only the best brands and manufacturers in the US, Japan, and Germany. Our prices are as low as possible, which means that if you are in need of new fuel injectors then we've got you covered with great parts and fast shipping. What are you waiting for?