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If you notice your vehicle is taking longer to start then normal, you could possibly have a defective fuel pressure regulator causing the situation. This is the component that we depend on to maintain a proper fuel pressure to the fuel ejection system on our vehicles. Other indications of a faulty fuel pressure regulator can be that the vehicle has a rougher idle then normal and you notice that your fuel consumption has increased. In some cases you might even notice some black smoke from the exhaust of the vehicle. Proper fuel pressure in a fuel supply system is very essential to the proper performance of a vehicle. If an engine's fuel pressure is not as precise as possible, it will affect all of the fuel system components. Improper fuel pressure can cause abnormal wear and tear to all components within the fuel system, which can amount to some very costly repairs. Fuel pressure regulators are pretty economically priced and on most vehicles they are relatively easy to replace. All fuel system repairs should be completed as soon as possible, because nobody likes to be stranded along the side of the road.

Most fuel pressure regulators are operated by your engine's vacuum system and contain a diaphragm and spring assembly. The spring is designed to apply the exact amount of tension to the diaphragm to produce the required fuel pressure for proper engine operation. Fuel injection systems are a lot more efficient fuel supply system then previously used carburetors. Newer fuel systems are more precise and provide the exact amount of fuel to all of your engine's cylinders, to give you the best engine performance possible.

Fuel pressure regulators are normally a pretty simple repair process that you can complete yourself easily. These regulators usually can be found mounted to the end of the fuel rail on your engine. After you locate this device, you need to make sure that you have proper access to the part to remove and replace it. Depending on the specific vehicle that you're working on you may have to remove other components or obstructions before you can get started. In most applications you will need to remove a vacuum hose and return fuel line before you remove the fuel pressure regulator. Once all the lines are removed and out of the way, you can remove the regulator assembly. Then you are ready to install the new part and reinstall all of its attaching parts. After the new fuel pressure regulator is installed and secured properly, you just need to reinstall any components that you were required to remove.

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