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The use of a Lincoln Fuel Pump is now standard equipment on vehicles with the new style of fuel injection systems on them. This is done because of the high standards required by these new systems in terms of consistency and reliability that the new style of electric fuel pumps can produce on a continuous basis. This way the needs of the Lincoln engine are provided for to benefit the owner of the vehicle.

The Lincoln electric fuel pump is located in the rear section of the vehicle. This is different than where the older style of mechanical fuel pump that was mounted on the engine block. By being in the rear of the vehicle, the fuel is pushed forward instead of being draw by a suction forward. This has improved the level of consistence the electric fuel pump can provide the necessary fuel requirements of the Lincoln engine.

Since the electrical fuel pump is powered by a current, when the ignition key is turned on, it activates it placing pressure in the fuel system even before the engine is started. This is an important factor to be aware of especially when maintenance is necessary on the fuel system. With pressure being provided to the system even when the vehicle is not operating, the changing of the fuel filter or the opening of the fuel system at any point should only be done when the ignition key is not on and out of the switch.

When the electric fuel pump fails, it will be decisive and definite. There will be no trickle down in the fuel pressure it provides. It will either be working or not. By disconnecting the fuel line just before the fuel filter and turning on the ignition key, it can be observed if any fuel is being pushed through the system on your Lincoln. If no fuel is present then replacement is warranted.