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The Toyota Fuel Pump on today?s vehicle is of the electric variety. The advantages of the electric fuel pump over the older mechanical ones used on Toyotas in the past include they provide a more constant level of pressure of fuel over a longer period of time. They are also active in supplying this pressure the instant the ignition key is turned on.

The Toyota electrical fuel pumps are located in the rear of the vehicle in or near the fuel tank. Because of this position on the vehicle in reference to the engine, it requires the fuel to be pushed forward to where it will be used. This is how the level of constant pressure is maintained over the older mechanical versions that drew up the fuel in a vacuum type process. The older versions of fuel pumps also had polymer diaphragms in them that leaked which the new styles do not.

The owner of a Toyota will know there is a problem with their fuel pump when they activate their ignition key and there is no fuel pressure. This is not a component that simply fads or just supplies a smaller allotment of fuel to the system. When the electrical motor on the pump goes out, it is total and complete.

The leading reason for a fuel pump to prematurely wear is the lack of maintenance being performed on the vehicle. The most damaging is the lack of changing the fuel filter on a regular basis. A clogged filter will require the pump to work harder and cause it to fail faster than if the flow of fuel was unobstructed. Because of this for the longevity of your pump on the fuel system of your Toyota to last, the fuel filter should be regularly changed.