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If you have an older automobile that utilizes a carburetor to provide fuel to the engine then it probably has a mechanical fuel pump. The most common indication of a defective fuel pump is poor acceleration because adequate fuel pressure is not being provided. Early detection and replacement is important because complete failure will leave you stuck by the side of the road. As the name mechanical fuel pump implies, it may also have a mechanical failure and not function at all. This means that your vehicle will not start due to a lack of fuel supplied to the carburetor. Proper fuel pressure is what your engine depends on to provide the most efficient performance; without the right amount of fuel it is severely handicapped. Improper pressure within the fuel supply system can also affect, or possibly cause damage to, other components within the system. The reliability on your car or truck is based on the integrity of the fuel system, so proper repairs and preventive maintenance to all fuel supply components like fuel pumps, fuel filters, and carburetors are imperative. Giving proper attention to the serviceability of a vehicles fuel supply system is just as essential as keeping gas in the fuel tank.

A mechanical fuel pump is relatively basic and easily understood. The pump is normally driven by the engine crankshaft; actuating a fuel pump cam that pushes a piston or valve inside the pump up and down; creating a synchronous and constant flow of fuel. The valve is connected to a diaphragm that pressurizes the fuel pump case causing a vacuum affect drawing the fuel from the gas tank. This same pressure is utilized to retain a constant supply of fuel to be stored in the carburetor's flood body housing and the fuel is drawn from the float housing when you accelerate.

Mechanical fuel pumps can be replaced on most automobiles in a very short amount of time and can be done by almost anyone.
  • You need to make sure the pump and fuel lines are accessible and that may require the removal of some other components.
  • After you can clearly reach everything remove the fuel lines and you may need to cap them off so the gas doesn't escape from the lines.
  • Then remove the fuel pump mounting bolts to remove the pump assembly.
  • When installing the new pump it is essential to make sure it is positioned on the cam lobe correctly. When installing the pump you need to apply a little pressure to compress the fuel pump spring. Do not force it or install bolts unless you can hold it tightly against the mounting plate before installing bolts.
  • Secure the pump and install the fuel lines using new clamps is recommend.

The replacement fuel pump assembly must be exactly the same as the original to fit and perform correctly. Fuel pumps are made specific to each application and engine. The input and out pressure cannot vary or this could to cause damage to other fuel system parts such as the carburetor. CPD supplies quality parts for specific applications that you can rely upon at good prices. Your one stop shop for mechanical fuel pumps and any other car parts is Car Parts Discount.