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If your car, truck, or SUV is not accelerating properly then it may be due to reduced fuel pressure caused by a faulty fuel pump strainer. Early detection and replacement is vital to eliminate possible damage to other fuel system components. An adequate fuel supply at the appropriate pressure does not just make the engine run properly, but it also provides lubrication to fuel system components deterring excessive wear and component malfunctions. If not replaced at the first sign of an issue, a defective fuel strainer can cause a chain reaction of fuel system failures starting with the fuel pump. If your vehicle is hesitating during start up - like it is not receiving an adequate fuel supply - this is an indication that sufficient fuel pressure is not present. A clogged or restricted fuel strainer is a very likely cause because the fuel pump is trying to do its job but is not being provided with enough fuel. The worst case scenario would be severe damage to the strainer allowing fuel system contamination. When a fuel system becomes contaminated extreme measures are required to make it function properly again. The list just gets longer; so to avoid these issues fuel pump strainers must be maintained and in working order at all times.

Fuel pump strainers are normally constructed of woven plastic that allows fuel to pass through without the foreign particles within it. They are also referred to as fuel socks because their appearance is similar to a sock. Mounted to the inlet of the fuel pump assembly, the fuel is drawn through it thereby removing contaminates prior to entering the pump. This prevents particles from going through the fuel pump and causing premature wear or damage. The fuel pump strainer is essential to a clean fuel supply; allowing the fuel system to function as it was designed to.

The replacement process for fuel pump strainers in most cases requires removing the fuel tank which is normally less complicated than it appears. To facilitate this process you should remove as much fuel from the tank as possible using a hand pump or electric pump and store it in a suitable container. Depending on the ground clearance of the vehicle you may have to raise the automobile and place it on jack stands. Place a floor jack under the fuel tank prior to disconnecting it to support it safely. After the filler neck and tank mounting straps are remove the tank can be lower using the floor jack. You will be required to remove electrical connections and vent tubes. Once the tank is out you will be able to remove the fuel pump and replace the fuel pump strainer. Then you reinstall the fuel tank and insure that it is secured correctly. You may be lucky enough to access it under your backseat, but that would likely need to be removed.

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