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Mercury Fuel Sending Unit

Mercury Sport Utility Fuel Sending Unit

You love wrenching on your Mercury.

All Mercury drivers will figure out that only the most reliable Fuel Sending Unit parts are the only ones that belong on their ride. Seeing that you drive a Mercury, you should accept that maintaining it running well is imperative. If a Fuel Sending Unit fails it can make for a really dangerous experience for any driver. Sure, Mercury is known for good looks and performance. Nonetheless, you have to repair it by getting the best deal on Fuel Sending Unit parts as possible.

You shouldn't neglect problems with the Fuel Sending Unit in your vehicle.

If you've ever wondered how the fuel gauge in your Mercury knows how much gas or diesel is left in the tank, then you're not alone. It isn't magic - the float attached to your fuel sending unit sits on top of the fuel in your tank, and it changes the amount of resistance in your fuel gauge circuit. When the level drops, the resistance increases; providing less current to the gauge which drops the needle. A broken fuel sending unit in your Mercury (or any vehicle) leaves the gas gauge either completely still or fluctuating erratically; making it impossible to know exactly when you need to refuel.

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