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When it comes to replacing bad engine parts, it isn't always a job that everyone wants to tackle. Not only can defect or damage be hard to properly diagnose, but the labor can be intensive. If you are noticing an unordinary amount of vibration coming from your engine during acceleration coupled with rattling belts and a little bit of bad ignition timing, then you've likely come to the conclusion that your harmonic balancer is beginning to fail. This is no joke, as all of your engine's accessory drive belts are attached to the pulley that surrounds the harmonic balancer. If it cannot absorb the piston and crankshaft's vibrations, then they will be transferred to other parts of the engine causing systematic failures throughout. The cost of repairing the vast amount of damage that this can cause an engine will greatly exceed the cost of simply replacing the damaged harmonic balancer. So do yourself a favor and fix it right away.

As your engine turns, the reciprocating force of the pistons is transferred through the crankshaft and out the front of the crankcase. The harmonic balancer's job is to soak up those vibrations with its rubber core rather than to send them through the serpentine belts to the accessories like the A/C compressor or power steering pump. It also ensures that ignition timing remains nominal and doesn't suffer from any follow-on effects as a result of crankshaft twist. So as you can see, the harmonic balancer isn't a terribly complex or intricate auto part - but it performs an absolutely vital function.

Changing your harmonic balancer is no easy task. Preparing the engine and accessing the part presents the biggest challenge, as you have to disconnect the coolant hoses, oil and/or ATF lines, and wire harnesses, the engine needs to be lifted out of the engine bay, and the drive belts need to be removed. Only then will you have enough space and leverage to work on the harmonic balancer. In some instances, you don't need to lift the engine; you can remove body panels and other engine parts like the front bumper cover and radiator for longitudinal engines, or fender and fender liner for transverse engines. Either way, you will have to use a crank pulley puller to remove the old harmonic balancer and another special installer tool to put the new one back on. This is a big job, and should only be performed by a trained professional.

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