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Sometimes there's certain parts on an automobile that make you say to yourself, "Why"? However, the real question should be, "Why not"? This is the case for headlight wipers. They are rarely seen on vehicles made in the last ten years, but in the decade before, they were actually a quirky, expensive feature available on some luxury vehicles. For locations with snowy or dusty weather, this feature would make sense. If the snow or dirt built up on the headlights and you were driving at night, you'd be able to spray some washer fluid onto the headlights from a purposely placed nozzle and then use the headlight wipers to clean the debris away providing bright light to illuminate your path. The trouble is, most of the vehicles that came with this feature weren't typically used in inclement weather because they were expensive luxury vehicles and the kind of owners of said vehicle wouldn't want to risk any damage or wear. As a result, this feature was done away with as just another thing to repair when it broke.

Certain forms of wipers have been around for a long, long time. Even to this day they are standard features for a windshield and many SUVs have them for the rear window. It starts with an electrical motor and linkage system that provides rotation to the wiper arms on the exterior. The arms and shaft are usually metal and the blade is made with metal struts and a rubber insert. It's the rubber insert that makes contact with the glass or lens and sweeps away debris.

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