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Did you get into your car this cold winter morning and turn on the heat but there was no hot air coming out of the air vents? Then you might have a broken heater control valve that will need to be replaced. A faulty valve will not allow the hot coolant running through your engine to flow through the heater core which means no hot air coming out your air vents. Not having any heat to warm up your car's interior cabin is bad enough, but if the part is also leaking, that means you will be running the risk of driving your car with a low coolant level which can cause your car to overheat. When you have a heating system that doesn't work, it makes driving anywhere during the cools winter days really uncomfortable for you and your passengers. There is an easy test you can do yourself to check if the part is working properly. If you turn on the heater, the heater control valve should open allowing the coolant to flow through the heater core, so the output hose from the heater core should be about the same temperature as the inlet hose. If the inlet hose is hot but the outlet hose is cold, that points to a valve that has failed and is not opening or a clogged heater core that needs to be replaced.

The heater control valve works in cohesion with your heater core and blower motor to help provide heat. The valve in your car is similar to a faucet used on a sink in your house. It's opens when you want heat and allows the coolant to flow through the heater core and closes when you no longer require heat and stops the flow of coolant. The blower motor then blows the heat that accumulates in the heater core and blows it into your car's interior cabin. The HVAC control panel, which you adjust to make it comfortable inside your car, is what helps control all of these parts by telling them how much coolant is allowed to flow and how fast the blower fan rotates.

Not all vehicles use a heater control valve in their heating system, but if your particular vehicle does you will find it by your heater core close to the passenger side firewall in most cases. If you do need to replace it, this is a good time to also check the heater hoses attached to it, as well as the heater core. Removing the bad valve will require you to disconnect it from two or three hoses attached to it which should be held on with clamps. If it is cable operated or vacuum operated, you will also need to disconnect the cable or the vacuum line. If it is electrically operated, disconnect any wiring harness plugged into it. After replacing the bad one with a new heater control valve and reconnecting the hoses and cables, please be sure to refill the cooling system with any coolant that might have been lost in the process. Go ahead and start your engine and allow it to warm up, turn your heater control up and check for hot air.

The heater control valve is just one of many parts that can go bad in your vehicle's HVAC system but if you have determined that it needs to be replaced you can find a new one at Car Parts Discount. You don't want to be stuck in your car on a cold winter day with no heat so call us today to purchase your new heater control valve and with our low prices you can't go wrong.