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Does your leaking heater core need to be replaced?

Are you wondering why your heater isn't blowing enough hot air, while at the same time your car's engine is overheating? You might notice a coolant leak under the cowl panel on the firewall or under the dash inside the car. If so, then you've got a problem with your heater core. Over time, dirt and contaminants in your coolant can create a build-up inside the rows of the HVAC heater core. This will clog the flow of coolant, and prevent the core from creating enough heat to warm up the passenger compartment. If left unattended, then pressure and/or a hot spot will develop and create a leak in the core or in the hoses that connect to the heater core's end tanks. When you notice problems with your car's HVAC system, do not write them off as a mere inconvenience. This lack of circulation and/or leak will contribute to acute overheating which can cause serious damage to your engine.

What and where is your heater core?

New Heater CoreModern engines are all about efficiency, and the heating side of the HVAC system is no exception. As your engine turns, the water pump moves current through the engine block. But before it comes back to the radiator to get cooled and recycled, it is sent through the heater core. This hot coolant is used to create a hot zone in the heater box, and your blower motor then pushes air past the heater core into the passenger compartment. Pretty amazing, right?

Depending on your vehicle, this could take a while.

Changing your HVAC heater core is no easy task. Some older vehicles allow access to the heater box through the upper firewall. Many newer vehicles, however, require the removal of the dash assembly. That's where we recommend taking the vehicle to a mechanic. If you are working on an older car, then you can probably tackle the job yourself.
  • First, your engine should be cool to perform this job. Since the core absorbs the heat from the circulating liquid coolant, you do not want to work on it if the engine's been running recently.
  • Find the feed and return hoses that connect to the heater core and disconnect them. Be prepared for a little bit of coolant to spill out. You could drain all your coolant in advance; for some vehicles it is recommended, for others it may not be necessary.
  • Now your heater core will be ready to remove from the heater box. Open the box and remove the core.
  • Finally, replace the core with a new one, close up the heater box, and reconnect all the hoses. Top off coolant as necessary.

We've got the best HVAC parts around.

Select Your ModelWhen faced with the decision to purchase a new HVAC heater core, you want to get the right one. That doesn't always mean you have to buy the most expensive one, but you definitely don't want to buy the cheapest one either. At Car Parts Discount, we offer new replacement heater cores from top aftermarket brands like Spectra Premium and Four Seasons, as well as original equipment manufacturers like Behr and Valeo. We make sure you have the best parts to get the job done right on your budget shipped to you as soon as humanly possible.