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How often do heater hoses go bad?

The heater hoses are just what they sound like. They are small ducts that move heat to the cabin of the car. There are many sizes and shapes of heater hoses and they serve many purposes. If you are not getting heat to warm up the cabin on a cold day or the defroster is not working or the car is overheating and steam and smoke are coming out of the engine then you may have a problem with the heater hoses. They may crack or leak or simply disintegrate over time. Heater hose are a vital part or your vehicle's HVAC system and engine cooling system because they help transfer heat away from the engine. Lack of heat in winter may be uncomfortable but can be dangerous if you are unable to defrost your windows. It can cause the car to overheat if they not able to get heat away from the engine. They transfer heat from the engine to the heater core. They often need clamps, elbows or connectors to put them together.

What heater hoses do for us.

New Heater HoseHeater hoses are usually made of rubber but often come as assemblies that include metal lines. They are thick and soft and designed to be slightly flexible. These parts predate the car by many years and were used in some form in buildings, boats and railroads. Heater hoses are strictly functional and rarely have an exciting appearance. They are usually just black and are located in inconspicuous areas of the engine. Most cars will have multiple heater hoses going from several places in the car, from the engine to the radiator to the heater core or towards the interior.

Hot, hot, hot.

As with any part, replacing heater hoses can be difficult and dangerous on some cars. If you do not have the right experience or equipment, please seek the help of a qualified professional. Please see the generic instructions below on how to change out the parts.
  • First, make sure that you have the correct size and length of heater hose.
  • The hose and connectors are often soft and delicate so make sure that you are not forcing the parts together too strongly or they will tear or snap.
  • Don't try to twist or pull apart the hose, cut them instead. Lubricate the end of the hose to make it easier to install (NO oil or grease).
  • Slip the heater hose in and tighten the clamp around it if necessary.
  • Don't tighten it too much or clamp too tightly. The hoses will bond together.

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