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A Buick heater hose is a specially made component of your car that transfers the coolant from your radiator to the heater core, which then warms the cabin of your vehicle when the driver desires it. The heater hose is similar in size to a standard garden hose, but with some very distinctive differences like composition material and additional reinforcement in the walls of the hose for added strength.

Because of the limited space under the hood of a modern Buick, the heater hoses used for the transfer of hot coolant are manufactured in a particular fashion. The curves in the hose are made not to lose their shape under the stresses of being used or when heat is applied to them. This makes it possible for them to follow the contoured path the Buick engineers designed them to follow.

All Buick heater hoses are made of a reinforced polymer that will hold its shape while still being flexible over its life time. Just like your radiator hoses, the heater hoses will wear out over time. If one of the hoses on your Buick does become worn and requires replacement, it could be recommended by your technician that all of the hoses be replaced. If this advice is not heeded, then not too far into the future your car will be back in the shop to replace another failing hose.

Select Your ModelIf you find engine coolant on the floor boards of your car, this is from a leak either from the heater hose or the heater core itself. Another place where coolant but be seen if a leak in this type of hose occurs is near the firewall of your vehicle or on the ground in the same location under your car. Remember the loss of coolant can cause your engine to overheat so always investigate any leak to minimize the damage to your vehicle when one occurs.