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There are two main Chevrolet heater hoses on your car. One carries hot coolant from the engine to the heater core. The other transfers the coolant from the heater core to the radiator. Each one is made of reinforced polymer made to last for years on your vehicle.

The heater hoses on the newer and many of the older model Chevrolet models are not just simple pieces of hose. They are pre-shaped just like the radiator hoses. This makes it possible for the hoses to follow a specific path in the confined space around the engine under the hood. This is why there are specific heater hoses for each model of Chevrolet and engine type. Their placement is critical so they do not obstruct moving parts or lay up against the hot engine and prematurely age.

The easiest way to spot a Chevrolet heater hose leak is to look at them immediately after the engine is turned off. This is when the pressure in the hoses is at its greatest. Until the pressure is relieved, a coolant leak will appear to be squirting from a heater hose. If you wait until the engine is cool, then you would have to look for a puddle on the payment and residue on the hoses.

Select Your ModelThe repairing of the heater hoses on your Chevrolet is vital to help prevent your car from overheating due to a loss of coolant. They are also the heat source for the defroster so the driver can see in the cold winter months. They have to function correctly for your vehicle to be operated safely in adverse weather conditions like in the winter.