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Dodge Heater Hose

A Dodge heater hose is about the same size as a typical garden hose, but is constructed of different material so it can withstand the rigors of being under a hot hood with extremely hot coolant flowing through it.

The heater hoses are connected to the engine and the heater core on a Dodge. This is how it is possible to heat the inside of the passenger compartment on command. The shape of the heater hoses are made in a particular way so they can travel from the front of the Dodge to the firewall without obstructing any of the moving parts on the engine.

If the Dodge heater hoses spring a leak, it is generally at the connection of the cylinder head, water pump, or heater core. All of those components are made out of metal and retain heat longer than the polymer hoses do. This heat will weaken the integrity of the heater hoses over time.

In order to test for a leak in these hoses, the engine should be running and the heater on in the passenger compartment. This allows for the flow of coolant to travel in the hoses. If a leak is not seen then turn off the engine and immediately look at the heater hoses under the hood for what might appear to be a fountain of coolant emanating from the hoses.

Select Your ModelAnother place to look for a leak would be on the floorboard in the passenger compartment in your Dodge. If the connection of the hose to the heater core is where the leak is, the coolant will be found on the passenger front side of the compartment. The leak could also be from the heater core itself if coolant is noticed there.