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In most cases, there are two Honda heater hoses on your vehicle so the correct temperature in the passenger compartment can be at the desired level. These two hoses are for the supply and return of the hot coolant that will travel through them.

There is a heater hose on your Honda that supplies the hot coolant as it leaves the engine. After the coolant passes through the heater core, the return hose deposits the coolant into the radiator. They are similar in size to a common garden hose, but they are made of a special reinforced polymer that was designed to withstand the high temperatures of engine coolant passing through them.

Just as with the radiator hoses, hot coolant will cause the heater hoses to swell over time and they will be prone to springing a leak. The most common place for this is where the greatest level of heat is being applied to an area of the hose. This is why most heater hose leaks are where the hose is connected to the engine on your Honda.

The leak in the Honda heater hose will appear as a swell or bubble in the hose if it is from use over an extended period of time. This swelling causes the lining of the heater hose to become thinner, which causes the weakening of the hose where the leak will occur.

Select Your ModelThere is also the possibility that a leak could be caused when a heater hose is resting on or next to a hot component on your Honda. This can be the engine block, cylinder head, or other items that generate heat. Heat is the destroyer of hoses, and any contact point is the place where coolant will find a way out.