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With the proper function of the Nissan heater hoses, the occupants of the vehicle will be able to remain warm in the cold winter months most of us experience in the course of a year.

The two or more heater hoses transport the hot coolant to the heater core then back to the radiator so a continuous supply of coolant to the heating system is possible. There is one heater hose that is connected to the Nissan engine that supplies the hot coolant to the heater core. The return line takes the coolant to the radiator or junction pipe so it can continue in its path and provide cooling for the engine.

These heater hoses are similar in diameter to a typical garden hose, but they are specially built hoses that are made of a polymer reinforced with fibers that strengthen the walls of the hose. Because of the way they are built for your Nissan, they resist cracking and splitting. Eventually, however, they are subjected to heat related damage. This heat related damage is when the walls of the heater hose begin to breakdown and expand. This is referred to as a bloated or blistered hose. The most common place for bloating to occur on Nissan heater hoses is where it is connected to the engine block. This is where the greatest level of heat is inflicted on the hose and the reason for the weakening of it.

Select Your ModelIf one spot on the heat hoses is showing signs of bloating, all of them should be replaced since they have experienced the same time period of exposure on your Nissan. This will help to ensure your passenger compartment will have a supply of heat in the winter months and your engine cooling system will be able to retain its coolant.