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The two Pontiac heater hoses that supply the heater core with a flow of hot fluid are what your passengers will appreciate in the cold winter months. There is a supply heater hose attached to the engine and a return hose that is attached to the radiator.

The heater hoses on your Pontiac are made of a reinforced polymer. Just like all polymer components, they tend to wear out in time. These hoses are exposed to extreme temperatures inside the engine compartment and are subjected to loads of continuous stress.

Over time, the Pontiac heater hoses will begin to break down. The place where this can be noticed is in the walls of the hose where it is connected to hot metal. The walls start to become thinner and the circumference of the heater hose increases. When this is noticed, the owner of the Pontiac should know it is just a matter of time before the hose supplying their passenger compartment with heat is going to begin leaking.

Another place where the heater hoses could begin to leak is where the hose makes contact with any other component in the engine compartment. This could be as simple as just rubbing up against it or having heat transferred to it from the component. In either situation, a leak can then be generated from that contact spot and cause the owner of the vehicle a problem.

Select Your ModelOn your Pontiac, the hoses that provide the flow of coolant to the heater core are not always in use, but if they spring a leak, coolant will leak if the heater is on or not. For this reason every inspections of your engine compartment in the summer time should include them.