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Aftermarket & OEM Hood Insulation Pad

If you experience an increase in the noise level coming from the engine compartment of your car, truck, or SUV you should inspect the hood insulation pad. Another common indication that this component is worn or defective is if the hood feels extremely warmer the normal. This device is subject to excessive amount of heat that will cause it to lose its effectiveness over time. In some situations they may still be in tack and not display apparent defects. They can also just start falling apart in other circumstances based on the material composition. Hood insulation pads are essential to maintain the appropriate environment within the engine bay facilitating airflow and temperature conditions. They also function as a noise dampening device to improve the comfort level.

Hood insulation pads are composed of a wide variety of materials based on the required application and the automobile involved. They can be an insulation type material, rubber, or even foam depending on the specific requirements. In some situations they are a solid piece of material typically mounted with plastic retaining clips. They may also consist of a set of panels that fit to the hood assembly. They are installed to the hood assembly in the engine compartment and serve multiple functions. They are a noise dampening component and they hold the heat generated by the motor within the engine bay as well.

Depending on the material that the hood insulation pad is made of you should wear the appropriate safety gear such as gloves and eye protection during this procedure. When removing the plastic retaining clips they can break very easily and this would be an ideal opportunity to replace these devices. When installing the new pad you must insure that it is positioned and secured properly.

When you buy a replacement hood insulation pad it must be a durable quality product that fits appropriately and meets OEM requirements. We depend on our cars, trucks, and SUV?s to provide reliable transportation for ourselves and are families and this requires quality repairs accomplished by incorporating quality parts. Car Parts Discount has any quality parts you may require to complete dependable repairs without damaging your wallet.