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Does a "check engine" light mean you need to replace your crankshaft position sensor?

Sometimes it is the parts you don't think about or have never heard of the cause the most troubles with your car. The crank position sensor (also known as the crankshaft position sensor and not to be confused with the camshaft position sensor) is very important to measure engine speed for the cars computer and to synchronize all the moving parts of the internal combustion engine. It effectively replaces the manually adjusted distributor on modern engines. It monitors the position and rotating speed of the crankshaft. Over time, the sensor may overheat or simply wear out. Your check engine light may indicate a failed crank position sensor. Other indications that the part may be failing include difficulty starting or not starting at all, backfiring, or a rough idle. If the car has trouble starting while hot, it is a good indication that there may be trouble with the sensor. A bad crank position sensor may leave you with compromised engine performance or the car may not start at all leaving you stranded. It is important to replace the part as soon as you know that there may be a problem to prevent more damage to the engine.

Why our engines have a crankshaft sensor.

New Crankshaft Position SensorCrank position sensors came about in cars when distributorless ignition systems became common. As electronics and computers took over the engine management they are now used on virtually all new cars. They are an important part of the car's engine control management and have helped to improve engine response and efficiency. They are usually made of magnets and are often found around the flywheel or crank pulley. They are small and may come with a wiring harness attached to them. The harness connects directly to the engine control module. A mechanic can hook the car into a computer to tell that the crank position sensor is bad.

Not hard to replace - just hard to access.

The crank position sensor is a sensitive electronic part that is vital for proper engine operation. Most are a simple bolt in application and can be changed relatively easily though they may be hard to reach. Consult the owner's manual or shop manual to locate the sensor on the car. Below are some basic instructions to give you an idea about how to change them.
  • Disconnect the battery to avoid shocks.
  • After you locate the sensor, disconnect the wire harness.
  • Use a socket wrench to unbolt the sensor.
  • Grab the new sensor and be sure to have a new O-ring.
  • Position the new O-ring in and be sure to install the new crank position sensor exactly as the original one was put in.
  • It will usually lock in place. Replace the bolt and the wiring harness.

Good parts for all makes and models.

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