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The design of the Pontiac Intake Manifold Gasket incorporates both an asbestos composite material with metal. This type of construction of the intake manifold gaskets makes it possible to keep its seal as the engine expands and contracts as the heat level in it changes on your Pontiac.

There is only one intake manifold gasket on your Pontiac engine independent of the type of engine or its configuration. This is one of the gaskets that should be replaced when the heads are pulled from the engine to make sure there is a good seal.

A leak in the Pontiac intake manifold gasket is easy to hear but hard to pinpoint. It sounds like a slight whistle that can be heard. Because of all the accessories on the top of an engine and the heat being generated by the engine, the use of your finger to locate the leak is not advised. A leaking intake manifold gasket is designated as a vacuum leak and should be treated as such. It is leaning out the air to fuel mixture that your engine is using which could damage it. The most common way to locale the leak is with a can of carburetor cleaner.

By spraying a mist of carburetor cleaner in the junction of the intake manifold and the heads plus the front and back of the manifold as it sits on the engine the inspector should be listening for the RPMs of the engine to rise. At the point where the RPMs begin to rise is where the leak in the intake manifold gasket is located. The only solution for your Pontiac engine is to replace the gasket seal that is leaking.