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It is very obvious to most drivers when their headlight bulb is out. They will notice a lack of projected light in front of their vehicle, and if they pull up behind another car only one of the lamps will cast a reflection. But that's not the only light that makes its failure evident to us. Many drivers are unaware that when their turn signal flashes in double time that is an indication that the light bulb on that side is out. This has been built into many flasher relays for more than a decade now. Unfortunately, there is no way to alert drivers (save for very advanced and expensive monitoring systems found on only the most expensive vehicles) that a brake light bulb or back up light bulb is out. These are things that just need to be checked regularly, and most of the shops that perform oil changes and tune-ups will do that. It is important to make sure that all of your cars lamps are in working order. This will prevent miscommunication while driving which could result in a collision, as well as a fix-it ticket that one might get for an inoperable bulb.

Since the early days of automobiles, car makers sought for ways to improve the capabilities of their vehicles as well as add conveniences for the driver. An early advance was the headlight. The first, however, was more of a lantern. It wasn't until about 100 years ago that the first filament light bulb was used to project a bean of light forward in the direction that the car was traveling. Soon after that, tail lights and turn signals made their appearances. Each new lamp meant a level of safety for all drivers, but came with a price... maintenance and bulb replacement.

Replacing most of your light bulbs is easy, and takes only minutes. Headlight bulbs can be accessed by popping the hood and reaching in behind them. Some smaller cars make access more difficult, and may require the removal of your battery or intake box. The same is true for your parking lights and front turn signals, as they are usually integrated with the headlight. Tail lights and back up light bulbs can typically be accessed through your truck or deck lid, and require only a socket set or screw driver to remove. The most challenging light bulbs to replace are definitely the ones behind your dashboard and instrument panel. That job is best left to a mechanic, as the dash assembly and gauges will likely need to be removed.

Don't put off changing your car's light bulbs for too long. It is a safety concern, and a problem easily remedied. At Car Parts Discount, we offer bulbs at prices far below those you'll find at your local parts store. We carry top brands like Philips, Sylvania, Flennor, and more. So why drive around in an unsafe vehicle when you don't have to? Order your new light bulbs today and make driving at night safe again.