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On the front of your leaf springs, in a place called the spring eye, you will find a leaf spring bolt and a bushing that attaches it to the frame of your car or truck. An enormous amount of stress is applied to this point when you are carrying a payload; especially one that is heavier than your truck's rated carrying or towing capacity. At first, the spring eye will become distorted and come un-coiled. But soon after, the leaf spring bolt and bushing will crack and your leaf springs will be useless. The U-bolts could end up snapping and you may even drop an entire spring. But all of this is a worst-case scenario. The most common reason to replace your leaf spring bolts is when they get rusty and weak with age. Since only pick-up trucks and older cars have leaf spring suspensions, it's very normal for the rigors of age to take their toll.

Leaf spring type suspensions were used long before coil springs were. They use layers of thick metal sheets bound together and fixed to positions in front of and behind the axles. They are attached to the axle housings by a set of U-bolts, so that when there is an elevation change the springs would absorb the motion and a shock absorber that the axle is attached to will help them rebound. The rear of the leaf springs are attached to the frame by hanging it from a heavy-duty shackle. The front is bolted through the spring eyelet and a bushing that's pressed into it. These leaf spring bolts and bushings carry a lot of weight, and are subject to a lot of pressure when your car or truck is hauling or towing a load.

Replacing a leaf spring bolt is super easy. All it is is a piece if hardware, and will fit right into your leaf spring eye bushings as long as they are not rusty. If you are replacing the bushings as well, then they need to be pressed into the leaf spring eye before the spring is installed. This is easiest when the rear of the spring is already hanging on the shackle. When that's supported, you can line up the front eyelet with the mounting point of the frame. The leaf spring bolt will slide right through the bushing and screw into the floating nut on the frame. After that, the U-bolts can be attached to the axle housings and the shock absorber installed.

If you are doing a suspension overhaul to your car or truck, then new hardware is a must. Leaf spring bolts and bushings, as well as shackles, are essential to a properly functioning suspension. The last thing you want is to be driving down the road and drop a spring because a rusty leaf spring bolt snapped. Car Parts Discount is your last stop for the suspension hardware that you need for your classic vehicle. Enjoy our low prices, fast shipping, and quality parts when ordering from our website.