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Cars, trucks, and SUV's possess several suspension parts that interact together to provide a comfortable smooth ride and leaf spring shackles are a part of this operation. Shackles play an essential role, and if they become worn or defective it can cause severe damage to associated suspension parts. Early detection is essential because several potential safety issues may develop if not corrected immediately. If you notice your vehicle is not sitting level then this could be an indicator that a leaf spring shackle is not functioning properly and may require replacement. If you hear clucking sounds during vehicle operation when you encounter bumps on the road surface, then you must inspect the shackles immediately. These devices support the weight of your automobile and present an unsafe situation for yourself and your passengers if appropriate repairs are not accomplished. You should visually check the condition of leaf spring shackles especially if you live in an area where salt is used for snow removal. Rust is their worst enemy and salt air from the ocean also has a similar affect. Preventive maintenance verses component failure is always better and if suspension parts like leaf spring shackles are involved it becomes a serious safety concern.

Leaf spring shackles are constructed of heavy steel due to the stress that is applied to them during vehicle operation, and include a set of bushings around the bolt which connects it to the spring in order to dampen and absorb the vibrations of the road. They provide a link between the leaf spring and the frame supporting the weight of the automobile which requires durability. In some circumstances they are adjustable to raise or lower the height of the vehicle or increase the hauling capacity on some trucks. Leaf spring and shackle mounting bolts have bushing sets to connect them that create a buffer point and reduce wear. Shackles are designed specifically for a variation of applications and mounting differs based on the manufacture's intended function.

The replacement process for leaf spring shackles depends on the car, truck or SUV you are repairing and you have to assess your specific requirements. It is always a good practice to apply penetrating oil to the mounting bolts the night before the repair to facilitate this procedure and reduce difficulties. You need to raise the vehicle and place jack stands under the frame and also put a floor jack under the axle applying a slight pressure to properly support it. If the shackles are worn or damaged the bushing sets and mounting hardware is also worn and should be replaced while you have access to them. You may be required to cut the bolts off if they are deteriorated to the point that normal removal is not achievable. The bushings may have to be pressed onto the leaf spring eye using an appropriate method. After the leaf spring shackles are installed insure that they are secured properly.

Suspension parts such as leaf spring shackles must be correct for the application or it may affect the vehicle height and handling ability. Suspension parts provide comfort and safety for yourself and your family. Without dependable transportation we are not able to function in a way which allows us to accomplish are daily routines and obligations. Car Parts Discount is the online super store for all automotive parts you can depend and know that you're receiving quality parts and service. When purchasing leaf spring shackles you need the OEM quality parts you can rely on.