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If you're tired of the high prices from your mechanic and parts need to be replaced on your Lincoln, then we can help you. People who care about their Lincoln will agree that nothing but top quality replacement Main Bearing Set parts are the only ones that they will install on their car, truck, or SUV. Qualities such as performance and American engineering are what make your vehicle special, which is likely what makes you love it so much. If you operate a Lincoln, you should recognize that maintaining it trouble free is paramount.

Owning a car with a faulty Main Bearing Set is annoying, not to mention can lead to other problems.

There comes a time in every engine's life when they begin to lose oil pressure for one reason or another. But when your oil contains lots of tiny metal shavings, then it's likely that your Lincoln engine has one or more spun main bearings. You will find these wrapped around the main journal of the crankshaft so that it can rotate smoothly and evenly through the main bore. Main bearings are made from a metal composite called Babbitt, and should last for over 100,000 miles if your Lincoln is maintained properly.

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Owning a make known for its a trusted brand means it's not always best to buy the least expensive product available. Let Car Parts Discount be your exclusive supplier for Lincoln items that need to be replaced. With friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff, thrives to be your last stop for Main Bearing Set spare parts from quality brands you trust. If you want to see the correct Main Bearing Set parts for Lincoln Aviator, Blackwood, Continental, LS, MKC, MKT, MKZ, Mark LT, Mark VIII, Navigator, Town Car and more, pick your model and you'll be on your way.