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Aftermarket & OEM Manual Transmission Synchro

Few things define the joy of performance driving more than shifting a great manual transmission. The feel of the shift knob and the smooth fluid way it clicks into gear makes almost any car more exciting to drive. The manual transmission synchro is an important part that made driving a stick shift so much easier and pleasurable. The synchro helps find the gear and guide the shifter into place. If you are missing gears or grinding a lot when you are trying to find the right gear, it may be because the synchros have broken. It may be difficult to get into a gear or it may pop out of gear. Repairing this part can restore the confidence of shifting to the correct speed in silence every time.

Driving a car in the early days was a chore. There was not automatic transmission and the manuals were unsynchronized meaning that finding the right gear was difficult and often had to be forced into gear. These sliding mesh transmissions often caused a grinding sound at every change that lead to the appellation "crashbox". In the 1950s, Porsche was one of the first automakers to offer a synchromesh gearbox. They included the new manual transmission synchros that made the cars much more fun to drive. Soon many manufacturers had them and this allowed for easier, smoother and quieter shifting. This greater improved the speed and performance of the shifters and the driver.

Changing out the manual transmission synchros is generally done by experienced auto mechanics. It can be an expensive and time consuming job that may be done in conjunction with a rebuild but check with your mechanic to get the right information. Make sure that you purchase the correct parts and have all the right tools for your specific make, model, engine and transmission.

Car Parts Discount has a wide selection of transmission and drivetrain parts like the manual transmission synchros for a wide variety of makes and models. You will be amazed at how much easier and enjoyable driving a stick shift will be when you have the proper synchronizers in place. While you're at it, check out our listings for other transmission parts like the rings, shift knob, clutch kits, and flywheels. Low prices and great customer service come with all the parts that we sell.