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Nissens 87139 HVAC Blower Motor Assembly

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Also Fits Following Makes/Models
Interchangeable Parts
Audi 4L1820021
Audi 4L1820021A
Audi 4L1820021B
Audi 7L0820021
Audi 7L0820021B
Audi 7L0820021D
Audi 7L0820021F
Audi 7L0820021H
Audi 7L0820021L
Audi 7L0820021M
Audi 7L0820021Q
Audi 7L0820021R
Audi 95557234200
Audi 95557234201
Porsche 4L1820021
Porsche 4L1820021A
Porsche 4L1820021B
Porsche 7L0820021
Porsche 7L0820021B
Porsche 7L0820021D
Porsche 7L0820021F
Porsche 7L0820021H
Porsche 7L0820021L
Porsche 7L0820021M
Porsche 7L0820021Q
Porsche 7L0820021R
Porsche 95557234200
Porsche 95557234201
Tyc 5370012
Tyc 5370018
Uro 7L0820021Q
Vw 4L1820021
Vw 4L1820021A
Vw 4L1820021B
Vw 7L0820021
Vw 7L0820021B
Vw 7L0820021D
Vw 7L0820021F
Vw 7L0820021H
Vw 7L0820021L
Vw 7L0820021M
Vw 7L0820021Q
Vw 7L0820021R
Vw 95557234200
Vw 95557234201