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Internal combustion engines produce a lot of heat and an oil cooler is one part of the vehicles cooling system. Excess heat is bad for an engine and may cause over-heating or internal damage. A lot of the heat escapes through the exhaust system but there is still heat leftover in the engine. The oil cooler works as a type of radiator to cool off the oil that is used to cool the engine. If your engine is running hot or burning oil then the cooler may be the problem. Having a cooler that is broken or malfunctioning can cause parts of the engine to burn or melt and can also cause a sludge build up which may cause the engine to seize. Repairing an engine in this state may cost thousands of dollars or may require you to buy an all-new engine. Avoid these high cost situations and replace the oil cooler as soon as possible.

In automotive history, there have been two main types of cooling. There is air-cooling and liquid-cooling, also known as water-cooling. Today, air-cooled vehicles like the original VW Beetle and Porsche 911 are all but extinct in the marketplace as even the modern varieties of those vehicles have switched to liquid cooling. The water-cooled engines circulate coolant through the engine with the help of the radiator or a heat exchanger like the oil cooler. The cooler is usually small and sits at the base of the engine and uses lines to circulate the oil through it to cool it and back out to the engine. They are most common on high performance vehicles and can improve engine performance and longevity of the engine.

Oil cooler installing can be performed on most cars. Consult with a trusted mechanic or shop manual before installing one on your vehicle. To give you a general idea of what must be done to install, here are some general instructions. Be sure that you have all the tools and parts that you need to complete the job. Begin by draining your car's oil. Unbolt the oil cooler from the frame. Bolt the new part into place, taking care to wrench it in firmly. Attach all the correct lines back into place. Install a new filter and refill the car with oil. Check the oil to make sure that it is full.

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