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How often do I need to change my oil filter?

Every vehicle has a suggested service routine, and certain items that are required to change every couple of thousand miles. One of the most commonly replaced of these items is an oil filter. Depending on the type of oil in your engine (conventional or synthetic) and how much you drive, you will likely be replacing the oil filter every couple of months along with other service items like the air filter, fuel filter, washer fluid, cabin air filter, and the oil itself. If you run conventional oil in your engine, you will definitely be performing an oil change every 3000 to 5000 miles. This is because the oil gets dirtier faster and doesn't suspend particulates as well as synthetic oil. With synthetic oil, your oil changes are usually between 5000 to 7000 miles. And along with the changing of the oil, the oil filter should get changed too. This will assure you that the lubrication running through the crankcase and internals is as clean and maintains a reasonably low level of viscosity. When it comes to a reliable engine, it is critical that regular oil and oil filter changes are done at the appropriate times.

What's the purpose of your oil filter?

New Oil FilterThe first oil filter was conceived in 1923, and was called a "Purolater". Engines didn't require them earlier than this because they were getting regular top-offs and changes all the time. This was easy, as oil was already very low quality and not worth filtering anyway. Now a separate compartment was built in line where a small amount of the engine oil would bypass the internals and flow through a compartment containing a filter element cartridge that would sequester the dirt and fine metal shavings that were usually found in the oil. Oil filters are much the same way today, except most car manufacturers use a spin-on oil filter rather than a cartridge.

You can change your own oil... no problem.

Changing your oil filter is one of the easiest jobs you can do on a car. All you need is an oil filter wrench, a socket for the oil pan drain plug, a new plug washer, the new filter, and new oil (most engines take between 4 and 6 quarts). The first step is draining the oil, so make sure you have a big pan to collect it. Then you unscrew the old oil filter and put in the new one. Making a good seal around the filter is important, so wipe a bit of engine oil around the O-ring before screwing it on. Then put the drain plug back in using a new washer. Finally, replace the oil and you're done. You now have a new oil filter.

No more trips to the auto parts store.

When it comes time to buy a new oil filter, it is best to get about half a dozen. Since you are going to be replacing it a couple of times a year, there's no sense in buying them one at a time. As is the case with most regular service items, buying in bulk is the best way to save money. Plus, you have the benefit of having all the filters you need on hand, so you can perform your oil change when the mood strikes you. At Car Parts Discount, we carry all the same oil filters as the parts stores from top aftermarket and original equipment manufacturers. Don't wait too long, don't spend too much - order today.